Policy and Vision

Welcome to Garuda Chemicals

Technology, Innovation, Creativity inspires us.

We aspire to excel in our services and believe in true synergy and integration with long-term objectives. This helps build relationships based on mutual faith and confidence. This is the backbone of our existence.

Since the past forty-two years, we carved a niche for ourselves through newer ideas, revolutionary concepts and fearless deeds. These different principles help us ease the drudgery of mundane existence.

We help preserve our environment through necessary pollution control measures and a pledge to do more to protect the ecology. We wish to hand-over our world as a “better place” for our future generation.

Our outlook is essentially “long-term” and we invest valuable time, resources and efforts to develop new products through in-house R&D and product development using our own Intellectual Properties.

We are human and therefore prone to human-failings. We try to identify our mistakes and weaknesses through exchange of ideas and communication thereby imbibing new virtues and values.

We are committed, to our work and our customers. We strive to customise a basket of products and services to our customers, that serve as brand ambassadors of our creativity and honest efforts.

We believe in “communication”. We have a good infrastructure of telephone, e-mail and other communication means. We also have the good sense of “communicating” with our various customers. We pride in our response time -- within twenty-four hours from receipt of the query or request.

We look up to you for your support and guidance, without which these ideas and thoughts remain redundant.

For Any Enquiry And Question Please Call us.